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Elegant Beds

Small dogs and cats love their own little place,for comfort and security.

Custom handcrafted to match any decor.

Why can't a pet bed look beautiful in your home or workplace.
They are elevated above the floor to avoid drafts.

Your pet bed will become a part of your home
Elegant beds are machine washable. They contain cedar chips to keep them fresh smelling and avoid insects.The beds are made of wood. They are painted orstained to match your interior. We can use yourfabric, or pick one to go with your decor.
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My Chihuahua M'as

The beds come in two sizes
Small(pets up to 20lbs)aprox.16x20x30prices start at 125.00Large (pets up to 50lbs)aprox.2ftx2ftx3ftprices start at 250.00
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